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DIY Stinky Dog Spray

Happy National Pet Day all you animal lovers! We love our fur babies in this family! We also love taking them on hikes as often as possible. What we don't love is the stinky smell - they are like my kids and get a bit ripe with activity. But, we have a pup with rather sensitive skin and too many baths are very irritating to him. And, we have another pup with an extremely thick undercoat and she takes forever to dry after bathtime. This spray is the moisturizing and deodorizing answer to these little problems.




  1. Mix in an 8 oz. glass water bottle with trigger pump

  2. Test a small area of your pet's coat and wait a few hours to see if there is a reaction. Just like humans, they are sometimes sensitive to products.

  3. If test goes well, spray on body, avoiding the face, when needed

  4. Also works on dog beds, in the car, carpets, furniture (test and inconspicuous spot first)


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